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I have been happily bumbling along using Reason for fun as a hobbyist and more recently Record more seriously as an alternative to Logic (I like Logic but wanted to try Record's way of doing things). I have never felt the need to use this forum, instead using the various tutorials and a Reason "special" magazine that covered the issues I needed. Record, on the other hand, and especially the recent upgrade, raised a few issues (since solved).

So I turned to the Forum for once. I really wish I hadn't (and yes, if you don't like it go away - and I will). There are the usual stalwarts, giving up their time unselfishly and showing the patience of a saint. But most postings are trivial, demanding and if it wasn't for the indication of registered products, give all the impression of time wasters and Propellerhead critics.

Just in case you think I have lead a sheltered life my day job for the last few years has been a college lecturer teaching web technologies to 18 year olds upwards so I am well aware of "youth culture", at least in our district. I see all the signs of short attention span and mischief making (I am being polite) that we see in our new students before they mature.

My point? What is this forum for? It really isn't worth wading through the dross to find the nuggets of genuine information at the moment, even in the User Forum. Please tell me it isn't always like this.

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