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Tips for a vocal track

A few of you have listened to my newest song without the lyrics called " IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME " .
Now that the music and lyrics is finished and ready for vocals , I was wondering if a few of you who add vocals to your music and use RECORD I was wondering if you could share with me some good vocal tips .
In order to end up with a really cool vocal track whats the best way to get those results , I'm not a professional singer and hardly sing at all but when I do I think I do a halfway decent job on some songs .
I made a test run last night , my new microphone works great with Record and it is recording like it is suppose to be recording so that part of it is working great .
The lyrics work great with the music I created , I did add a few words to my chorus section but that was it .

What I need to know is stuff like track sound adjustment , EQ's and the rest of it in order to end up with a really great sounding vocal track .
The other thing is right now I'm not hearing any reverb in my voice when I sing into my microphone , how can I add more reverb to my voice ?
Some people like a dry vocal sound in their headphones before they start recording , for me I like hearing some reverb in my voice .
Its a personal choice I guess , I tend to sing alittle bit better with alittle reverb in the mix as I'm singing .

I'm pretty happy with the way everything is going right now , I think once the vocals are recorded corrctly and the vocal track is mixed correctly its going to be a cool song .

Thanks for the help , cheers ! Ghostriderxl

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