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Old 2010-09-05, 19:55
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Recommend a decent Midi/Audio interface for laptop

Hi Guys
I'm currently using an Edirol UA25 EX Audio/Midi I/F on my Dell inspiron laptop running vista 64bit for Record/Reason,Up till now have had no issues using record/Reason,however I have decided to start to sequence Reason/Record externally on an Akai MPC4000 and use record mainly as a sound module source sequenced from the MPC,I use the MPC as I Have several Hardware machines that I use in conjunction with Record/Reason and because I'm comfortable with the workflow rather than use the Laptop solution for sequencing Reason/Record.

Basically I'm having issues with the Midi latency from the MPC to the laptop,I've played around with all the Audio/Buffer settings both on the Laptop and my Desktop(which I use an Emu 0404 soundcard running Windows XP SP3) trying to get the timing a bit more tighter,problem is if the audio buffer is on minimal the midi latency timing is tighter yet not locked 100% but the audio suffers and vice versa,I've tried an average setting to compensate both apps but no luck and tried all of the options on both the desktop and Laptop but its really frustrating as Reason/Record is the only Software I enjoy using and want to continue to due so,I'm not about to ditch the MPC in favour of ITB sequencing,so am looking for something that may give me the Midi timing I require

obviously I appreciate that there is always going to be some latency but due to the MPC being so tight(never had any issues with midi timing using the hardware)its starting to become a little annoying now.

Previously I'VE been currently sequencing parts in reason/Record and then exporting them as either phrases or samples to playback from the MPC,but I would rather be able to just use Reason/Record as a sound source from the MPC than having to chop and shape phrases which is time consuming,but due to the lagging from the Computer midi side its starting to become frustrating,I've also sequenced on Record and then synced to midi clock incoming from the MPC but there is still a lag thats notable.

so I'm guessing the problem lies with the Edirol,so I wondered if anyone else uses external hardware or syncing to another external device with Record/Reason and what you guys use as your midi interface is there a device either USB or other interface which has minimal Midi latency issues that may be a better solution it doesn't have to be an Audio interface,simply a Midi Input to be able to sequence the Reason/Record devices without any noticeable Midi timing probs

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