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Old 2010-09-06, 17:42
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Recommended USB audio interface for use with Record?

Hi folks,

I've very recently picked up a copy of Record and am about to start playing with some home-made audio.

I'm wanting to run guitars and a turntable into my iMac and am wondering what USB audio interfaces you would recommend for this purpose?

What I need is:

- Something that allows for both phono and guitar jack (+mic) inputs
- Something that is cost-effective! (around £100/$150 or ideally less)

I'm never going to need to Record more than one instrument at once, so I don't need loads of input sockets.

I'm currently thinking about the Edirol/Cakewalk UA-1G, but I'm very out of touch with audio so I really don't know if this product is any good... I'm also wondering whether I need an interface at all, and perhaps should just jack straight into my iMac? (I'm planning on working with audio fairly infrequently, so it's not central to my music production).

Any advice gratefully received :-)

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