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Dear Propellerhead, I hate you

Gotta love it

Okay so I'm attempting to buy an upgrade to reason 5--

first it says
Contacting bank...

Please be patient while the Debitech server contacts your bank.
This will only take a moment.
then it gives me
Transaction failed

We are sorry, but your purchase could not be completed since the credit card verification failed. This does not have to mean that the credit limit on the card is used up. It can also be a temporary problem with the communication between the debitech server and your bank.

If you continue having problems placing your order, try selecting a different payment method; we also support PayPal.

Server message: authentication denied.
How about an option to change the name on my account? I'm figuring that's what causes this. Changing it in the shipping options isn't helping me. Brilliant planning...

On a separate note, until that arrives I need to use my original software, which I can't do, because I tried to install record 1.5 upgrade but, oh no I'm not allowed to because I own reason 4. Again, brilliant planning propellerhead! Now if I try to erase it and reinstall Record 1.0 it doesn't actually install..............................

Seriously, you guys are R-tards. That's my rant.

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