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Recommended System set up? (PC)

Hi guys,

I tried the demo for Reason 5.. good stuff. I've also done some messing around in Reason 4.

Before I run out and by this thing. I need to figure something out.

I found I had some issues with drop outs. I have an older system (P4 2.4C with 3GB ram, and a decent sound card.. had a SB Audigy 2 platinum, currently have M-audio Audiophile 2496).

I find that if I add in too many instruments (in some cases even just having the Kong in there), my CPU is completely pinned and the sound eventually drops out.

I'm all set to go out and buy a new computer. What would be ideal? Everyone is all about their gaming rigs, so they know how to advise on gaming rigs... but not many have the knowledge to advise me what I need for a good music workstation. I want something powerful, but within a tight budget ($600 for case, power, cpu, mobo, memory, hdd and O/S). I've found a good setup for an AMD Athalon II X4, 3Ghz that is within budget.. but I wonder if it's too much for what I need.. or not enough? I'm out of date on this stuff.

Anyone have recommendations on a good system? Remember, I'm looking for a balance of affordability and performance. And I couldn't care less if it can play games well or not.

Edit: oh in case you didn't figure it out, I'm looking for a PC not Mac.

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