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Need help with Kong drum designer!

Ok, so this might be a really stupid question but im having a few issues with the kong drum designer, in this case im not actually using it for drum sounds, im using the NN-Nano sampler & i am attempting to use kong just like you would use an MPC drum machine. i have loaded the slices from my rex file into different pads, so i have a slice assigned to each pad. now, the problem im having is this: i know you can assign each pad to its own mute group so that when one pad is playing as soon as u click another pad it turns the original pad off and plays the new one (like they do with the open/closed hat samples in the micro tutorial) but my question is, is there a way to make the pad mute itself? when i click the pad the sample starts playing and when i click the same pad again it just plays over the top of itself, on an MPC when you assign stuff to its own mute group if you hit the same pad repetetively it cancels itself out (almost like its part of its own mute group) for some reason i cant figure out how to make this happen with the kong.

im sure its possible to do it & i know reason 5 has only just come out but im hoping that someone out there has had the same problem and figured it out. the reason i ask is because i have an Akai LPD8 coming in the mail and i want to be able to use kong in the same way that i use my MPC. because at the moment im doing all my chops on the MPC then having to send it to the computer, then slice it in recycle, then put the slices into the dr rex file player and use my midi keyboard to play the chops. (a very long and painful process just to lay down some sample chops in my beat)

thankyou for any help you can give me.

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