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Old 2010-09-07, 19:31
tonyc1 tonyc1 is offline
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Track grouping like cubase (what blocks could have been)

Hate to be ungrateful as the prop guys are doing a wonderful job but I am disappointed by the blocks feature.
I was hoping it might be like cubase groups where you select varying tracks to create a group which then can be arranged on one track, the main advantage being that you create your tracks as normal and then make them into a group (you dont have to be in a group (block) mode. I find I am creating tracks in song mode and then having to copy/paste in block mode (also having to copy tracks to diferent blocks)
The other advantage in cubase is that any edits to the tracks are reflected in the group whereas with record blocks you have to edit in each block if you want to change a track that might be in various blocks.

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