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Exclamation Multiple suggestions!

A suggestion would be to make it so you can automate the song or time position that is located at the bottom of reason. This would be cool so that you could do build ups and beat skips by repeating a certain part and having it skip back to a point faster and faster to lead up to the next part.

I also would like to suggest an equalizer with more than two bands.

I would also like to suggest a better way of placing the sound in terms of Stereo Sound Placement. For example, if you add chorus, it makes the sound more stereo, but you can hear the effect bouncing around between headphones still. A stereo imager seems to spread the sound rather than placing the entire sound at a certain stereo point.

I also would like to suggest a visual box that shows us visually the waves of our songs. FL Studio has this, located at the top of its DAW.

It would also be cool to make our own waveforms. Other vst synths have done this. One that comes to mind is KarmaFX... I messed around with the demo not long ago. It basically gives you a typical waveform like a saw wave, and you can add distortion by drawing bumps in the wave whereever you want. If Thor had this, there would be no other comparable synth.

On the other hand, I would like to say good job propellerhead with Thor. It's already an amazing synth. Propellerhead's team has done an amazing job with parameter control by allowing routing in the Combinator and all the mod options in Thor.

I'm still in Reason 4 because Reason 5 hasn't hit my local guitar center yet, but I'm assuming Reason 5 hasn't made these improvements, at least not all of them if any. Thanks.

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