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Old 2010-09-12, 21:03
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Lightbulb How to make the RAZOR tool workflow AWESOME!

it would be SUPER-DUPER-GREAT to be able to have the Razor tool work like THIS (for audio clips)…

Press and HOLD down the "R" key (because the R key will be made "non-latching" - so razor tool is ONLY active whilst holding the R key)…

the CUT ISN'T made until You RELEASE the mouse key…

and prior to releasing the mouse key, and while holding down the R key, You can SCRUB the AUDIO WHILE holding down the Mouse button, and when You release the mouse button after having heard the exact right spot, the CUT is made wherever the mouse cursor is as the mouse button is released…

and if You do not need to scrub, maybe because You have visually lined up the cut, no worries, You just click and release immediately…

now THAT would be LIGHTNING FAST!!! And SUPER intuitive…

and it would eliminate the need to constantly move the song position pointer around…

(ever had chop up vocals to fix things??

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