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SSL Mixer Improvements:


I was thinking and i got here some inprovements for the SSL mixer that would be nice to see.

1 - The ability to hide and unhide channel strip sections (comp, fx, fd etc) with the keyboard or map a remote override to that.

2 - When changing the next base channel, if the base channel gets out of the screen the view should change so that it would be the first.

3 - Channel Automation is a bit strange. It works differently for audio channels and for instrument channels. In the case of audio channels it is automatic, when you create the audio track it will be in the sequencer. But when you're working with instruments, it will not be created. Also after you create it, it is mad to manage those tracks. Have an automation track for the whole ssl and not for the whole devices. OR, create Folder tracks and group all automation tracks automatically inside that folder track. When your mixing, you can open that folder track and advance inside of it to get to the right tracks fast.

4 - When you select a channel in the Mixer it wont select it on the sequencer. It will "show" you where it is in the sequencer, but it will not be selected. If you have a surface that you use for channel strips, it wont be controling that channel strip before you select it in the sequencer. Either select it in the sequencer when it is selected in the SSL (blue outlines should select it in the sequencer) or when you press the seq button.

5 - When you are editing some parameter on the ssl mixer (i.e. a frequency or a eq gain, or compressor gain, and so on) you can see with the mouse the value you're editing. Show the value whe editing with a control surface.

That's it.

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