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Dongle install hassle and frustrations

Well, I went to Guitar Center today and got the record for reason update. So I guess I'll be able to answer my own questions myself. Even though I absolutely hate dongles and even the very idea of them i figured for $20 more, I'd give record a shot. Plus I really wanted to try neptune and the line 6 stuff seemed good too.

Well, the stupid dongle would not install! lol. After several re-installs, I went to the proppellerheads site. FAQ...No help there. I finally found the answer in the propelleheads forum.

Turns out that since I have disabled a lot of services on my computer (to make it a more stream lined DAW), the driver provided by propellerheads does not work. So you have to go to the dongle makers site and download their installer.

What a pain and it totally reaffirms my hatred of dongles.

The least propelleheads can do is include the more tolerant driver or at the very least, provide much clearer instructions and point people towards this solution without as much digging as I had to do.

It took so long to install this and it was so frustrating until I came across the answer. It shouldn't be this hard...but now its time to dig in and hopefully have so fun.

And while Im ranting, WTF with no MIDI OUT??? I really want to just use reason for everything. I know rewire, but that is a pain and unstable. Dang, MIDI out would be so perfect and seems so easy to implement.

Other wise, Im really loving the new reason/record.

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