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CV Contour Utility

I would like a CV device that can smooth out stepped CV signals to a smooth curve. For instance, sometimes I will send the Keyboard track 2 (1 Octave) CV signal out the back of a Thor into a phaser's frequency CV input. It gets awesome timbre shifts as I play thru a scale, but I will get clicks as the CV signal abruptly shifts the phaser frequency from one note to another. If there was a CV contour tool that had a time/smoothness setting, I could possibly just adjust one or two parameters to smooth out the CV signal, so it quickly faded into each CV position instead of doing the hard jump from position to position, and that would get rid of the clicks.

Additionally, in the Matrix it would be nice to have a switch that told the Matrix to interpret its CV curves as a smooth line rather than a stepped sequence. Sometimes I want a realllly slow modulation, and no LFO will go slow enough (and stay sync'd to tempo) without dropping the file's tempo to 30bpm. In this case the Matrix will go really slow if you set it to 1/2 resolution, and you could theoretically draw a reaaalllly slow LFO, but it's a stepped sequence, so if you want a smooth curve this won't work.

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