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Old 2010-09-21, 11:56
andyh444 andyh444 is offline
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Question Time signatures and the Thor Step Sequencer


I am trying to do a track at the moment where the first bar is 2/4 and the remainder of the track is 4/4.

I have a Thor Step Sequencer that starts halfway through the track, well in to the 4/4 section of the track. Is it not playing notes, merely using the Curve to change settings for each bar.

So I have it synced, rate is 4/4 so it steps once each bar start.

The trouble is, the first bar with two beats "throws it out", it is like an internal clock is assuming the whole track is 4/4. As a result, the Step Sequencer steps on the 3rd beat of the bar, not the first as desired.

There may be an easy fix which I am overlooking, does anyone have any ideas?

The same applies to triggering the Matrix though I can get around that using Pattern Select.

Any help would be appreciated



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