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Help Recording Audio In Record


I'm currently using the demo version of Record.
I've ordered the Reason/Record duo so waiting for it to arrive.

I have a problem recording audio in Record.
I have my guitar plugged into a Line 6 POD XT Live and recording using it's digital interface.
The problem is anything I record in 'Record' is out of time when I play it back.
I've tried adjusting the Recording Latency compensation but it never seems to make any difference. Perhaps I am setting it wrong or not understanding properly so if someone can assist I would be grateful.

In my audio preferences I have the following defaults:

Audio Card Driver: ASIO PODxt Live
Sample Rate: 44,100
Buffer Size 512 Samples
Input Latency: 16ms
External Sync Offset 35ms

In the Line 6 Control Panel Applet I have the following settings:

ASIO Client: record.exe
Default buffer size: 512
Default bit depth: 16 bit
USB Audio streaming buffer size: Extra Small

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