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Old 2010-09-30, 19:09
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PropOS: vst, rewire master, stability, pc tweak and audio driver problem solving

to wrap all this problem, my opinion if matter, is, propellerhead software should make their own Operating System. in this way;
vst: plugin company will make their plugin version just for prop os. now its stable.
rewire master: now reason and record will be master, because in this os, we can also install cubase. we cant install photoshop cos it doesnt support rewire.
stability: it should be stable cos we run prop software on prop os, and all vst are specifically designed for this os.
pc tweak: no need to do some nerdy pc tweak. we can also install this os on netbook.
audio driver: when buying pc, (mac is straight forward), we have to research on what chipset they offer. in this case, prop os support all chipset and all audio interface no crash with other software and game.
aaa.. game.. well, if u r a gamer, get another pc.
be the first, propellerhead. u guys are inteligent being. i wont buying your product (i rather stick with adour linux) if your product is not sexy enough. i m a choosy guys.

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