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Old 2010-10-01, 12:41
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Unhappy Anyone knows about this MIDI Sync problem?

Hi Guys!

I have an issue with midi sync in both Record and Reason..

My setup looks as follows:

Hardware sequencer MIDI OUT > MIDI Through box> Soundcard MIDI IN and Bass Synth MIDI IN.

so the signal coming from my hardware sequencer is basically split by the MIDI through box and sent to the soundcard (Reason / Record) and to a bass synth.

Reasson and Record are obvioulsy in slave mode (not many other options left here..)

What happens: When I hit the play button on the hardware sequencer, Record / Reason starts fine.

I can play arpeggios on the hardware sequencer and i hear the ouput from the bass synth, I can also hear Record / Reason being in sync with the bass synth. However, after 1 min or so, the signals get out of sync If I stop and restart it, they are fine again (most of the time at least). I know that Reason / Record might drift away a bit from time to time, but according to the manual it should be in sync again after 1 bar or so.. With my setup it catches up from time to time.. but kind of random really.. sometimes after 5 seconds, sometimes after 2 minutes..

Some details on the hardware:
Harware Sequencer: My good old Roland MC 303
Soundcard: Tascam US/L 122

I remember I had the same problem when I connected the MC 303 with my KORG ES1 hardware synth (which was connected directly to the MC303, not via MIDI Through Box. so I doubt it's a Midi Through Box /Record / Reason issue. Probably the MC303 signal is crappy.. However I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how this can be corrected.

Many thanks!

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