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Lightbulb Pitch Tail Contour Feature


I was experimenting with the Thor yesterday when I realized something - how do you create a pitch drop after a note is released. How about ADSR? Well no, because if I apply a mod envelope to any oscillator pitch on the Thor, I have to raise the pitch first in order to create the drop-off effect upon release. Maybe I've overlooked something quite obvious - but I've come up with an idea:

--- Pitch Tail Contour Control ---

This would be a bi-polar control with a possible range of -12 cents/sec to +12 cents/sec. There could also be oscillator '1', '2', & '3' assignment buttons which in turn would mean that only one such control would be needed for the Thor. Wonder if there's enough space to squeeze it in.

In any case, it would then be possible to have a normal pitch contour up to release, with a rise or drop in pitch thereafter.

What do you guys think?

DBX 21

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