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Feature Request: NO VST SUPPORT!

I would like to preface this post by stating that I am not what some might call a "fan-boy". I am a humble musician who knows quality when he sees it.

I would hereby like to make a formal request for a new feature.

I humbly request of our kind Propellerheads to implement a permanent policy of refusing to implement VST support within Reason and/or Record for the remaining duration of those product lines.

Propellerheads have had a long history now of being amazingly innovative. Innovation is the result of doing things differently than everyone else. Everything started with Recycle, then moved on to ReBirth, then to Reason, and now we have Record. Each program they have developed has broken new ground in the world of digital music production, often in ways never even imagined by the very people using their software. This is the quintessential definition of innovation - changing the way we do things by not doing what everybody else is doing. It has brought them incredible success for 16 solid years, and there is no reason for them to change the way they work.

If we further examine the history of this company, you will see something not so obvious. We step back to 1997, the year of ReBirth. In this year, Propellerheads signed an agreement with Steinberg to develop the Rewire protocol. At that time, VST (a Steinberg owned and licensed product) was only capable of working as a protocol for effects processing, and not for sound generation. It appears Steinberg thought it was in their best interest to step into this realm by joining hands with our beloved Props. No doubt, the props thought they had something incredible in front of them, as they would develop a new standard for inter-application communication. As we know now, they did indeed create this, but things did not go down as imagined. As it turns out, later that same year, Steinberg had rushed development beyond the Propellerheads, and created VSTi. Some might view this as chopping the Props off at the knees before they could even stand up. From an outside perspective, it seems that Steinberg offered them a golden ticket, and then ripped it from their hands before they could do anything with it.

While the last two lines from the above paragraph are only my own perception(s) from what has been made public of their history, I feel if you read their history, (specifically the part about Top-Hat), you will probably come to a similar conclusion. For me, it seems that Steinberg got selfish real fast when they realized how much potential there would be with ReWire, as well as with the Props, and decided to create their own altered version before ReWire was to take off. We don't know all the details here, and this is perhaps only 1 conclusion. Regardless, it would add to the competition between Steinberg and the Props, and perhaps put them at odds with each other.

Fast forward to today, and we see what has happened to both VST and ReWire. VST/VSTi tends to be incredibly buggy at times, while ReWire, like all software from the Props, is as rock-solid as ever.

In all the years I have been using Propellerhead software (since the late 90's), I have never, not once, had one of their products crash on me. In fact I don't think I've ever used another program of ANY kind, save for perhaps Notepad, that has ever had that kind of long-standing history of stability and quality.

Not only have they been incredibly innovative, incredibly inspiring, incredibly stable, but they have set forth new standards and approaches that we continue to see emanated in many other digital music products. I want nothing more than for this cycle to continue. I whole-heatedly believe in what this company is doing, and stand behind them 100%. I feel that the implementation of VST support within Propellerhead products would not only detract from the quality of their products, but would go against everything that has made this company what it is today. As it stands, considering Record and Reason are ubiquitous products to each other, the Props have a truly All-In-One product that can serve the entire needs of a production environment. The only things missing at this point are the computer you're reading this on, a pair of studio monitors, and control interfaces. Everything else is right in front of you!

Rest assured that this company will no doubt continue to bring us new and exciting ways to create music. 16 years of history has shown us this much, and I look forward to another 16, and hopefully more. Lets let them do what they do, and have done, best. Give us products developed by them alone, and further separate us from the need or desire for anything else. Sure there are a few things done within VST's that CURRENTLY Props products are not capable of...but, remember that this company is nowhere near the end of their capability as a software developer, and with that, I think the best is yet to come.

If there is anything that will quell the want and desire for VST support within Props products, I feel it has to be either the ReWire Master ability, or MIDI-Out. Each of these solutions, I feel, is well within the realm and ideology of Propellerheads products.

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