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Old 2010-10-06, 12:52
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Lightbulb Dr.Itch (to scratch)

Now that Reason 5 has audio input (and sampling) it makes sense (to me) to have a Dr.Rex-like device for auto sampling and delta playing of raw samples.

Remember when some sort of Tape Reel device was being requested to be added to Reason for a track-like audio recording device in pre-Record 1.0 days ?

Well, with audio input, a cv triggered sampling aka audio buffer device (current 30sec sampling buffer would be fine, IMHO, although it would allow for longer samples through sample loading, just like current samplers) could be added to the rack.

This would enable an automation based or CV triggered based sampling and then playing of audio snippets sampled on-the-fly while the track is playing, from either external or internal real-time audio feeds, just like what we can do now with the current sampling feature.

A "touch-based" display (like Dr.OctoREX) of the audio waveform being played (loaded or just sampled on-the-fly) where the playing "head" or cursor would be center fixed, allowing the wave to slide left/right as in forward/backward (never used Traktor, but from some videos, I think it would look a bit like that).

So, live scratching (recordable as automation data) would be easily achieved by dragging that wave left or right either with the sample Playing or Stopped/Paused.

MIDI controllers with a X/Y pad could take advantage of one of the axis for this or DJ-style plate MIDI controllers that send a Delta stream of +/- values could also take advantage of this.

Also needed on the front panel:
  • A Delta knob for Forward/Reverse Play speed adjustments/calibration of that sample.
  • Maybe an Attack/Release Envelope to influence the Start/Stop action speed of the play head (something I just did last night on a combi patch to mimic this Tape/Turntable Power up/down pitch+tempo behavior).
Besides the stereo audio outputs, it would also have stereo audio inputs for device based sampling, instead of using the global Sampling input, used by the current samplers.

This configuration would allow us to use this device just like an effect box. As an example, up to 30sec of Tape-like Delay effects would be possible (with random jitter injected into the Delta Play knob CV input), superseding but not replacing DDL-1's 2sec audio buffer.

These are the basics of Dr.Itch cv triggered sampling, delta speed sample playing device.

Originally Posted by Koshdukai View Post
The pad/buttons are supposed to catter for multi (3?) block/loop regions to quickly jump to.
This jump would supposedly be quantized (a la Dr.OctoREX loop switching).

The "touch" dragging of the wave should be ballistic, mimicking the behavior of a turntable.
Originally Posted by Koshdukai View Post
True Granular audio source, through the regions aka multi-loop points.

We can put that granular clip through Neptune's Voice Synth and Thor's Filters... unless instrument-like features are implemented right into this device, like what was done with Neptune's Voice Synth... although that still needs a poly ADSR envelope -.-'
Some other uses for it ? Real-time audio waveshape scope visualization device, with a wave "zoom" setting built-in or near the "big" waveform display, showing what's being fed into the stereo audio inputs at the back.

Heck and, pursuing the All-in-One philosophy, that display could also have a Spectrum analyzer or Spectrogram view mode, while we're at it

It would also be a good opportunity for mp3/ogg import (can't hurt to ask).

Examples of CV inputs:
  • Sampling CV Gate: Sample while Gate ON and finish when OFF.
  • Play CV Gate: to Play at Delta Speed while ON and pause playing at current play head when OFF
  • Play head reset CV Trigger: to reset the play head to the sample start
  • Delta Speed CV input: -127 to +127 bipolar value, where 0 stops the play head/cursor (even if Play is ON), +63..64 would be normal speed play forward and -63..64 normal speed play backwards/reverse, all in-between values equivalent to slow/fast playing forward/reverse. Playing state is still controlled by the Play CV Gate (or front panel Play button) only Speed 0 overrides this.
Same amount of CV outputs with exactly the same values as an output of what's set in the front panel controls, including the equivalent to Play head reset, acting as Sample start trigger output (useful to CV sync the sample start event with other devices, like Sequence Start on Thor's Step Seq).

Beat detection CV output would also be a cool bonus to have on such device, even more if either based on the playing sample or real-time audio input. This paired with a global CV input for Tap Tempo (in the Hardware section) would be... erm... killa
Originally Posted by Koshdukai View Post
scratching part only comes as a natural feature, since my main suggestion here is a device with:
  • sampling capabilities that could be triggered from within the rack through CV, from the sequencer through automation and also from MIDI controller through Remote as well as the GUI.
  • variable speed playing, where it would play forward as naturally as it would play the sample in reverse. Play speed and direction is just a delta (sounds too familiar with Reel Tape Machines and most importantly, Turntable "operators" and DJs, doesn't it?). This also easily controllable from within the rack through CV, sequencer automation, MIDI controllers and the GUI, so the big waveform display would naturally work as a scratch area, like on a "touch-screen" or a virtual (linear) "turntable" controller.
  • a zoomable stereo waveshape display of the sampled, loaded sample or realtime input of the audio (since there's nothing like this still)

...if they want to add to this, realtime wave drawing/editing while playing, heck yeah, that would be great!

If this thing could have an additive synth engine mode with FFT capabilities and act as standalone non-sampled based instrument as well, by all means, I'm all for it!

I think such a "visual" based display of audio lends itself for such features inside the same device.
I'm not even asking for fixed-time pitch-variable and fixed-pitch time-variable playing of samples here ...though this could be added to the existing samplers, at least NN19 or NN-XT.


I'll try to revise and think more thoroughly on this suggestion to at least make some sense technically, so future updates to this post should be expected.
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