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Old 2010-10-07, 01:22
vincentblack vincentblack is offline
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Lightbulb NEW FEATURE REQUEST / IDEA * (Wave / Sound Cloner)(Wave Paint Tool)

Hello there,
My name is Vincent Black.

First let me start by saying Propellerheads continues to make completely unrivaled software in my opinion.
I would like to suggest two new artist tools:

Sound Cloner:
simply sample a sound that you like, or a few sounds from a song you like, and this instrument will analyze the wave of the audio to replicate a realistic form of the same instrument.
of course this would be alot of programming and alot of work, but i feel musicians of all caliber would love this tool in replication of other musicians songs, or for a starting point to edit the instrument to their own will from the starting point of whatever instrument from whatever song they like

Wave Paint Tool:
a new way to create instruments, simply draw the wave (like sine, square, or custom wave) that youd like to hear, play at any midi pitch like a normal synth, redraw or edit the wave drawing for making custom sounds.
again, alot of work, but this opens up creative possibilities, without alot of sound programing.

feel free to let me know what you think of these ideas.

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