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Old 2010-10-13, 14:22
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Reasonton Live ! - My personal top 3: Feature Suggestions !

1. - "Multiple File Session" ability or "Live DJ Mode" (Reasonton LIVE): open a second r/r file and click on the "Live mode" button will open up the two files next to each other. sequencer mixer and the rack gets "simplyfied" in usabitlity, but a new DJ Interface allows Live fading, channel muting, soloing and effecting sub and master levels of both tracks - just an appropriate fader and a fading ability on the R/R interface would make my wish come true....... is it possible guys ??

2. - advanced producer refills / packs / patches: stop the "messiness" and the routing. i want instant playable, routed and combined, eq-ed patches and crazy routed awesome sounding effects on the fly. my rack seems to become huge (already my template) these days. i always have to add things and route and add and route...(and its not about style of production i think, but about quality)
- I am not deep into sound / effect design. i want my synth (patches) and effects to be able to achieve great results without adding and routing first. i want them to be set up right out of the box - i want to produce music not design sounds in the first place - YOUR SOFTWARE WAS MADE FOR MUSICIANS - NOT AUDIO ENGINEERS (or sounddesigners!?) - sometimes i think about that sentence sceptically...... so what do you think about that ?? - more new combinators (ReFills) would do it for me!?

3. - the best spectral analyzer out there: just Add it.....pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase......

(4.Recycle integration these days is a must have - i think i dont have to ask for it anymore ;-)

what do you think about these things guys ???

thanx P-heads, thanx forum - u r the best !

beanos - berlin - germany

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