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I found Reason 5 very slow

First of all, congratulation to the Prop's team for that great upgrade. Reason 5, i definively love it a lot. I already spent hours on it and produce about 5 or 6 serious songs with it.

I specially love the new Octorex and Korg devices. Because of those two new devices, i'm kind of living a real REX format renaissance. Now I turn every bit of music I produce into Rex loops and then trigger them in Octorex or Kong... I love it...

In fact, the only thing i really do not like with Reason 5, is that i find it to be very slow. My computer is always calculating and i just hat those little 2-3 seconds of calcul all the time. It's like Reason (my all-time favourite application) turns into a fuck'n' Cubase kind of thing. One of the greatest reason I turn to Reason back in 2001 was exactly because Reason was the only all-in-one solution who can run easy on my computer. So what's up with that ? With the delay/wainting time i experiment all the time with Reason 5 it's like we have lost the true core of the Reason engine ?

Do you guy plan to do something with that ? Am I the only one to experiment Reason 5 to be muck more slower than previous versions ?

Notice that I'm running a 2.5 GoHz Mac Intel Duo Core , 4 Go Ram, 10.5.8 Mac OS.

Do I have to turn to SlowLeopard to enjoy a better Reason experience.
I've learnt to play music and produce while growing up with the whole Reason legacy!!!

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