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Hi y'all, I've just been f'n around with me new musical toys, and here's what happened...

or if you prefer soundcloud:

Mostly Komplete 7 hosted by Ableton Live 7, just an experimental go around with the new tools I acquired, and Live, which has been sitting around unused for a few years now, and actually I kinda like it now that I've gotten around to seeing what it offers.

Towards the end I threw this into Reason/Record and had a go adding FX, some of which included some James Bernard patches from the Record > Pattern Based FX library, modified by myself, of course. Beat repeater FX by both Live and Record. Awesome time stretching by Record. Synth vinyl scratching/hiss by Thor, hope it sounds vaguely convincing, I have tried on a number of occasions to synthesize LP scratch/hissing but never to my satisfaction, and finally I actually kind of like this attempt. As usual I threw a couple static/barely modulating Reason phasers in there, a bunch of Screams, and a splash of Neptune (which I guess is not as usual as it's a relatively new tool).

You win 50kabillion selfdude points if you can guess one of the sounds process with Neptune! You win 500000kabillionshmillion selfdude points if you can guess where the Subtractor appears in this one!

This song reminds me of all the things I miss from over the years and makes me quite sad. I hope you find something you like about it.

PS I am not to be held liable of the selfdude point economy collapses. Thank you. Signed, my lawyers.

Brought to you by Carl's Jr.

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