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Old 2010-10-21, 20:37
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Can Record see two soundcards? & Pod Question

I have a presonus firebox and a Pod x3. I seem to only be able to see one at a time. I can go back and forth easily by changing the asio drivers. Is there a way to have Record see all of the inputs on both devices?

And just in case someone knows, (this is the wrong forum for this question) is there a way to get my programed patches into Record or do I just have to reprogram everything. When I try and select patches from the refill window it says that the file format is not supported.

Thanks so much. I hope this question has not been answered to many times. I promise that I did a search before I posted this question.

I just switched from sonar and a Roland Vg99. I love how quick I can make music now with my Reason/Record and Pod x3. I always felt I was fighting the other stuff. It never worked well for me.

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