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Break backwards patch compatibility...

I've said this before but I think props should brake backwards patch compatibility in the next installment of Reason by updating Subtractor and possibly Malström for 2010. I'd like to see an addition of a mod matrix a'la Thor for both Sub and Mal. Also I'd like to see some tweakage of the four first waveforms in Subtractor to make them less aliasing. An alternative would be to add four new "high quality" versions. Also I'd like to see them tweak the filter when in high resonance. Either tweak it to self-oscillation or to right below. Now the filter kind of distorts when the resonance is pushed. Also I'd like to see the option so switch Filter 2 between LP12 AND HP6 mode.

To keep backwards compatibility with older patches props could incorporate an "old school" switch that enables old oscillators and filter models.

Also I'd like to see oscillator sync added to the Subtractor and finally audio in where you can choose "EXT IN" as an oscillator waveform on either osc 1 or 2. (Put that ring mod to good use!).

As for values and envelopes I would leave them intact as I like the 0-128 values and the fact that I think that the Subtractor envelopes feel snappier than Thors.

Regarding Malström I don't really want that much more than a Mod Matrix. Maybe perhaps make it double as a simple sample-player a'la NN-19 (multi-samples but not layers). Maybe also add some sort of FM capabilities between the oscillators as well.

Finally I'd love to see all devices updated with a "tune" knob. This would facilitate detuning greatly when creating stacked synth combinators or what not.

Come on props, you started with the Dr.Rex, now do the rest of them!

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