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Reason 5 + Record worth the hassle?

Hi all. I used to make my music 100% in Reason, but in recent years I've moved away from this and started using other software too.

I now use Cockos Reaper as my main DAW. I record VST instruments, hardware instruments and Reason instruments (using ReWire) into it. I still use Reason 4 a lot via ReWire, especially for ReDrum since it's so easy to program and you can treat each drum sound using different effect chains within Reason. I also use its synths and combis sometimes. It's a bit cumbersome to set up, especially if you want devices in Reason on their own audio channels in Reaper, but it works quite well.

What I'm really missing are the M-Class mastering tools that you got with Reason 4. I've not found anything (well not below several hundred € anyway) that compares. Unfortunately, there's no easy way to get a finished song into Reason 4 so you can treat it using those devices.

Record 1.5 + Reason 5 are comparably cheap considering what you get. I'm interested in the new drum machine as well, but the other new features don't interest me much.

But how would this work if I wanted to record everything (VST's, Reason devices and hardware synths) in Reaper, and then when the song is finalized, bounce everything to Record for the final tweaks using the MClass devices? I'd have to run three programs at once, routing audio between them - I thought learning to just route Reason into Reaper was enough of a headache. Also, how would this affect performance and audio quality? Would I be better off to spend several hundred on a good stand-alone mastering suite?

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