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Old 2010-10-29, 15:34
djjimmy djjimmy is offline
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Lightbulb Diatonic scale, variable root (fundamental note), variable interval / enharmonic

Hi there,

I would like to propose a request for:

1. Variable root note setting in hertz e.g: 436,8 Hz, not in percent as introduced in Reason 5. Propellerhead changed the setting of the root (Audio-Seting) from cent to percent, which is even more inaccurate then it was before..

2. Support of diatonic scale / enharmonic interval or variable intervall. So that one can define the the frequency that is played in relation to the root frequency, e.g:
If root A4 is played at 440Hz A5 is played at 880Hz and in chromatic scale the interval is spread equally between the notes in a octave. It would be great to define own intervals between the notes and half notes.

This would be great for people who experiment with natural frequencies/music, new age, meditation, ethno stuff, etc.
The feature should be quite easy to implement but would open a growing market of alternative music.

It is already possible to alter each pitch in automation window before the note is played. But this is very bothersome to do.


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