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Old 2010-10-29, 18:46
jlgrimes jlgrimes is offline
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Looking at Kong at the hindsight (wouldn't a Redrum II been a better feature?)

While I think Kong is nice, but do you think a Redrum II would of been a less cluttered addition?

I mean now we have a Kong and a Redrum, we can't step sequence with Kong, but we don't have synth options with Redrum.

Redrum II (I think) could have made most of Kong obsolete (and add to more effective since step sequencing is still available). I mean all it could have added was.

1. 16 slots instead of the 10.

2. Each slot configurable (you could choose your slots to be each of the different Redrum modules or Synth Drums, Physical Drums, Rex triggering or Special Layering sampler).

3. Configure step sequencer to have a more configurable number of steps (a la Fruityloops) or allow the step sequencer to be midi controlled (so you could use a midi controller to enter steps).

4. The effects would not be included but would be dedicated effects modules (I think this would be more powerful because you would have more wiring flexibility and would more easily be able to use the effects on different modules).

5. A note repeat button (which you could latch to a controller)

6. Still include the big sound library.

I'm guessing probably because it would change the pattern programming of Redrum too much and probably the whole Reason Rack screen would need to change, this was decided against, but IMO I think if properly implemented, a Kong wouldn't have been necessary.

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