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Old 2011-05-16, 00:08
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A better Cominator & more CV I/O & more..

Hello - in some Cases there are limitations in the Combinator that makes me feel like AAAAAAAARRRRRRG.. WHY are there only 4 Encoders??

I hate to say it but there are Devices that cannot be done. There is a little Trick i realy love to do. That is to modulate un-normaly Knobs from the CV. The Trick - becouse of the Access to more parameters of the internal devices - i can Control or Modulate the Mastering EQ Knobs or something like that. What was not possible on the back of the device it selve.

So first of all: Give more CV/In and CV/out to the Devices.
And second: Give a no limitation Upgarde to the Combinator. I want to choose how many Knows i need, how many Encoders i need.
Becourse - after the CV Link to the Encoder (that is linked to the device via the Combinator matrix). I cannot use the Encoder for other Stuff. Like mapping it to the EQ Frequenzy. Its becoruse of the Modulation that goes in the CV In of the Encoder..

And third off all - integrate an easy to use Multiband Splitter device. Something that i can Feed with any Stereo or Mono Source. And that had the possibility to choose by a Wheel how many of the 10 Stereo Outs are "on". It needs a Display to show the aktiv Frequenzy Bands. No manual settings but good done presets.

Fifth.. Please give the Mastering EQ more Power with 8 Bands. Give it a Bigger Display as Dropdown Option. Perhaps with internal FFT analyser. And the Option to set the low range from 80hz down to 0 with one klick mono. And perhaps some nice encoders for "coloring" the Sound. And perhaps - make it possible to make it to a Activ EQ. That can be Feed on the Back from any CV oder Audio Source to every Encoder of the EQbands.

So.. Good night
Reason is my deepest obsession.

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