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Guess the synth (a few weird artefacts after uploading to SondCloud!)

5 synths using just 1 oscillator set to square wave. Patches initilaized, Filter resonance set to half way & envelopes set as close as possible on each synth. No FX used & as much of the modulation disabled as possible. 1 single note played & held whilst the filter cut-off is opened fully & then closed again.

A) Analogue VCO (Spectral Audio Neptune 2)
B) Analogue DCO (Dave Smith Instuments TETR4)
C) VST soft synth (GMedia ImpOSCar 2)
D) Reason soft synth (Propellerheads Thor)
E) Digital VA (Korg MS2000)

Can you guess which one is which? What is the correct order? Just a bit of fun really. I'm not trying to say that one sounds better than the other or anything like that! I was actually quite surprised by the results when all played back together like this. I'll reveal the correct answers at a later date. Stay tuned

1) ?
2) ?
3) ?
4) ?
5) ?

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