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Old 2010-12-03, 02:25
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Had a Great Idea last Night - Ipad & Rebirth Input Rack Device

How's this sound for a cutting edge Idea.
The new iPad OS supports Midi Out.
We have apps like iElectribe, iMS20 and Rebirth for iPad.
Why not turn the Rebirth INPUT machine into a wireless iPad midi sync clock device that allows you to feed in the Audio inputs from your iPad so you can use the above mentioned apps and many others as an incorporated device in Record/Reason.
Sounds like a killer idea IMHO, and the Prop's could even look at developing 3rd party separate synths that one could load on the iPad and use this way.
With all the great new music apps appearing on the iPad instead of going for the "incorporate VSTi" pundits why not throw everyone a curve ball and re-jigg the Rebirth input machine (rack device) and turn it into an iPad input machine with midi clock out to synchronize the two devices and what ever app you have loaded at that given time.
Would be good use of some older Propellerheads technology in a way no other developer of digital audio technology has probably thought of as yet.
Good Idea or what ?

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