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Old 2010-12-10, 18:32
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Aural Exciter, Analogue models for Reason 6/Rec 2

Apologies if this has been mentioned before. But, i think an exciter unit would really round off the Reason/Record mixing/mastering toolset, perhaps a multi-algorithm one based on a few different analogue units/mixing requirements. The Aphex aural exciter was known to be good for adding top end 'sheen' to cymbals, and the 'big bottom' feature to round out the bass. Also, something akin to MaxBass from waves to bring out bass synths and kicks with some harmonics which make it out of small speakers, then maybe and algorithm which is more mastering oriented to put across the whole mix. To keep things simple, it would probably be convenient to put all these into a scream-type multi-algorithm unit.

Perhaps to add further to the mixing/mastering tools, a multi-algorithm modelled compressor unit. Couple of analogue-based models sounding something like thermionic culture pheonix, 670, LA 2A, SSL etc, for mixing and mastering purposes. Modelling analogue gear must take a lot of effort, so this might be too much to ask, but Propellerhead already have algorithms for the SSL mix buss and master channel compressors, be nice to be able to use those in Reason too as rack devices.

Then, last but not least, perhaps a new synth with a focus on a little analogue mojo, bit like the fxpansion DCAM synth squad, not based on anything in particular, just a nice, simple synth which has a bit of grit. I think the synths in Reason are top notch, they are my go-to synths, so i think the only way to add to Reason's instruments would be to add a synth with it's own character, a bit like the Malstrom, and given that the current trend is to try and crack the analogue sound, something along those lines might be sensible. Thor is (in my opinion) one of the most flexible and useable soft synths around, so there's no point trying to top that with a bigger beast, it would only become a monster.

So, maybe i've covered some well worn territories here, but these would be top on my wishlist for the next versions, that and also Jiggery-Pokery's 'Line 6 Full Monty'.

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