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Feature suggestions

Who's sick of all these "Official this, that and the other" threads especially when none of them are official?

Although it's a nice user attempt to get everything in to one place, it's not worked. There are millions of similar suggestions and most of them aren't worth reading. Also, many of them turn into arguments, which is rather silly in a feature suggestion forum. People should be allowed to suggest anything, without being pounced on.

So how about a complete overhaul of this rather messy area and make it officially led by the Propellerheads?

Here's what I suggest.

Instead of users posting threads as is the current method, we are given a schematic of all the areas of Reason/Record, with subsequent subheadings. All feature suggestions are sent to the Props, who then filter out repeat suggestions and place all fresh ideas neatly in the exact category.

Each licensed account is allowed one vote per suggestion, so the most popular areas of future development are democratically elected. If you don't like a suggestion, rather than ranting on about why you think it's wrong, just don't vote for it....Simple.

It would look something like this (but better):

1. Synthesisers -


new waveforms (3854 votes)
blah blah blah (274 votes)

new filter types (536 votes)
blah blah blah (1378 vote)

multi stage envelopes (107 votes)
blah blah blah (311 vote)


Same thing

some blah and votes
more blah and votes

2. Samplers -

Detailed wave editing (49225 votes)
Blah (4638 votes)


3. etc etc

It would be up to the Propellerheads how this should look as well as how currently unimplemented areas of development would fit into the list (loop machine, midi out, VST etc) but I am sure it can only help grow new ideas as the gaps would become more visible.

And, if people still want to argue about the do's and the dont's, they can do that in the general forum if they have to. zzzzzz

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