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No more Reason and Record Rants.

thats my feature suggestion.

reason and record is what it is, its a self contained studio, and NOT a digital audio workstation.

yes, reasons instruments and effects aren't as powerful as vst/au, but they work well, they sound great, and once you start using reason, you wonder why you used to use vst/au, or why you blew your nest egg on plugins and hosts. that and propellerheads don't make you pay for anything other then reason and record. (just visit the kvr market place to see examples of buyers remorse, do you really want that?)

yes, reason and record does have plugin instrument and fx there called combinators, and serve the exact same purpose.

yes, its true reason does have a "sound" but its a awesome sound.

yes, reason is professional software, and is used by pros and hobbyist alike.

while reason and record doesn't have everything you want it has everything you will ever need.

while this is debatable, reason can make ANY sound of any software or hardware, with refills. or, well enough that you don't even notice.

yes, if aren't happy with reason and records development roadmap, reason and record is NOT for you.

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