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Old 2010-12-16, 21:30
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Exclamation Transport Issues with Reason and Pro Tools Via Rewire

I am having a problem with the New Reason 5 and Pro Tools 9. I mainly use Reason rewired to Pro Tools. In reason 4 and pro tools 8 you could operate reason 4 from its own transport. When you wanted to record in reason 4 you would simply press record and its transport would playback pro tools 8 as well. You could move the playback bar anywhere and it would play back from that time in both reason and pro tools.

Reason 5.0.1 and Pro Tools 9

The transport in Reason 5 does nothing it is totally slaved to pro tools. This is a problem when trying to record midi in reason or even edit it (copy and past/ move parts around). If you want to record in Reason 5 you have to press play in pro tools 9 then tab over to reason 5 and press record on that transport.

If this is the way Reason will be operating now I will have to stop using it because I loved the freedom of being able to add anything audio to my reason files. I could do my reason projects with out pro tools open then just have it play back in pro tools but that is just a pain to me.

Any help with issue would be great. I looked around in both programs and did not see anything regarding transport control in rewire. I emailed support at propeller head twice herd nothing back.


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