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Old 2010-12-24, 11:58
outbackyak outbackyak is offline
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Problems with the Octo Rex Guitar Collection

I've just downloaded the free Dr Octo Rex Guitar Collection

I'm having some problems using it.

1. The names on some of the Octo Rex loop slot buttons don't match up with the actual chord played. Take Ac Guitar | Open Strums Key of A 90 bpm.

Loops slot 3 plays D - but it says it's C
Loop Slot 5 plays Bm - but it says it's Cm.
Loop slot 6 plays F#m but it says it's Gm.
Loops slot 7 plays F#m7 but it says its Gm7.

This is extraordinarily confusing. And the same is true for most of the other patches I've tried. The documentation gives the correct information, but who wants to be referring to a PDF all the time? Or remember which ones are a semitone out and which ones are a tone out?

2. Worse yet, when using pattern automation at first it works fine - full strum rhythms that actually sound not bad. And then suddenly for no apparent reason the sound changes to muted strums. I haven't changed anything on any of the devices, and there seems to be no way to stop it using muted strums and returning to open strums. Even if I copy the loops to track the same happens - it works fine at first, and then suddenly it changes to muted strums.

What am I doing wrong? Or is it just a glitch in the Refill? I can't always replicate this problem; sometimes it works fine, others it doesn't

Anybody else having similar problems?

EDIT: Re problem two - this seems to be a problem with my keyboard (a Novation Remote LE 61). For no apparent reason parameters are changing themselves without me touching any of the knobs - the filter just now changed itself spontaneously, and I can replicate the original muted strums by reducing the Amp Env Decay on the Octo Rex by hand. Lets hope this doesn't mean my keyboard is dying. Or I guess it could still be a glitch in Reason - I've never had a problem with the keyboard before.

EDIT 2: it seems to have been my keyboard - the pots must have got dirty. By rotating them vigorously back and forth everything know seems to be OK. (Touch wood!). I guess the worst comes to the worst I can by some DeOxit and give them a good spray.

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