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Old 2010-12-29, 18:16
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'Dreams Awake" - a Prog Rock collaboration with Peachy

'Dreams Awake' is the result of a collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Peachy (aka Pete Watson). Impressed with his work posted here, I asked Pete if he would be interested in working together. I sent him a rough version of Dreams Awake and we exchanged ideas through the ether and across the ocean. Pete's contributions on guitar, bass, and drums are impressive, but even more impressive were his writing and arranging contributions. Check out Pete's Soundcloud page at For more collaborative work, take a listen to 'A Days Embrace' at

Working with Record through a Dropbox account made the collaboration much easier that cross platform collaborations I have done in the past. We made heavy use of the new Blocks feature. Also, I must give another shout out to Selig's organ refill. I don't miss my NI B4 plug in at all. Thanks for listening!


Pete Watson - acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, organ
Jeremy Cubert - piano, organ, synth, Chapman Stick, electric guitar

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