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Stereo Imager question

hey guys/girls/aliens,

i`ve been checking out some mixes and it came to my attention, that this

producers sounds, apart from the beat, are more up front in the mix.

The first i thought was to mimic this effect with a stereo imager, perhaps i`m doing it wrong, but there are only 3 turn-knobs and i`m not getting the desired effect

I`m doing all my main lead/funk/whatever sounds (apart from the beat) with the dr.rex and when fooling around with the LFO panning from dr.rex i noticed that the sounds came in the same range as they are in alex-mind`s mix, but as the panning LFO makes the sound fluctuate from lef to right, it`s not exactly what i`m looking for, but does confirm that the solution may lie with something like the stereo imager, but again, i`m not getting my sounds in the frontline as im hoping for.

The stereo imager does seem to work, but only one particular sounds in my case.

I have attached my reason file, perhaps this makes it easier to help if you wish to do so

Thanks in advance.

*edit1: attaching a reason file doesnt seem to work, so i`m just using yousendit:

* edit2: the only other thing that just came to mind is to make exact the same dr rexes and pan one to the right and the other to the left.

* edit3: hmm, that doesnt work, the moment i pan one channel to the left and the second to the right, the complete sound becomes mono again ><

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