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New computer question

Hey everyone who might know the answer top this question , a week before Christmas I starting buying new computer parts for my next computer build .
So far I purchased a nice computer case that houses seven 120mm fans to keep it cooled , I also purchased a nice 600 Watt power supply for $90.00 .
My new ASUS AMD Motherboard arrived yesterday and in two weeks first week in Feb I'm ordering my Processor that going to kick butt with anything I put in it .
The next month in March I plan on ordering my two sticks of 8 GB's of ram memory for $200.00 and in April I will buy my 500GB hard drive and a new CD/DVD burner .
By the middle of April I should have a lightening fast computer that will handle all the music software I can install or afford .

Now to my question , when this computer is build will I have any problems reinstalling my Reason 5 and Record the newest version ?
Right now everything is assigned to this motherboard , I shouldn't have to change my license numbers for my Propellerhead software right ?
The other question is all my Propellerhead software should or hopefully work with the new Windows 7 right .
I hope so because in July I plan on adding Windows 7 on a different hard drive , I'm going to install another hard drive so I can run my Windows XP Professional and the new Windows 7 .

Alot to think about after my new rig is finally put together , I'll be glad to finally have a computer that will give me the poer and speed I need .
This computer I'm on now is ok, I built it almost three years ago but already its getting old and I can really upgrade it and thats why I decided to build a new one thats going to handle anything and still run smoothly without any hicups .

Thanks for the information for those who decide to answer a few of my questions .

Cheers! Ghostriderxl

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