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Not tennis... Suicide Combinators!

OK here is an attempt at a different kind of collaboration. I call it suicide combinators.

you will notice the linked song has two combinators in it. you'll need reason 5 and record 1.5 to open it. I started the intro with a familiar sound in one of the combinator tracks, the other combinator has not yet been touched.

that's where you come in...

The next person must use the combinator in the empty lane to further the compilation.

1. You may add to existing bars, and/or you may add to the end of the track. (just don't get too carried away let say 16 bars max extension)

2. You can tweak other players combinators but no adding modules and no heavy rebuilding/rewiring.

3. you can add to and tweak other players tracks, but be nice and don't completely stomp over their vision.

4. Before you upload your addition however you must make the next Combinator. It can be a synth, sample, drum-kit whatever you want! but it must be a combinator and you must show your combi skillz.

5. You are not allowed to add to your own Combinator track!! leave it for the next brave soul who dares tempt fate in a round of...... Suicide Combinators.

again... make sure your combinator is in the bottom lane and it is an empty track for the next player.

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