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Disable Mixer Channels Option

I was just working on mixing the latest project I'm a part of, and I realized that there is something I found handy in PT that would be nice to have in Record.

In PT you could "disable" a mixer channel. This would grey-out the channel/fader on the mixer, and mute the channel (also it would lock all the current settings for that channel).

It was nice, because if you wanted to keep the channel in there for reference or to possibly use later in the mixing process, you could, but otherwise you could sort of disable and forget it for the time being. It was also a nice visual to easily let you know that the disabled track(s) are not currently playing.

In Record, if you could disable a track on the mixer (maybe have it appear similar to how muted clips look on the sequencer), I think this would be a plus. Not a must have in my book, but definitely a nice little additional that would help work flow a bit.

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