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Old 2011-01-17, 01:43
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Does this sound popular enough for dance music?

So i`m busy trying to get that right sound which everybody can understand, which is popular enough to sell alot and still has the means to provoke a -lets party like its 1969- vibe.

The following links are directed towards 2 electro-house tracks which consist out of 3 "climax" patterns. The first 2 patterns are normally positioned before the break, while again, the 2nd, but this time also the 3rd, are placed after the break.

I personally like creating music with these type of melodies; comes almost natural to me, but the real question is here, does this sell? Is this party enough to sell. It`s not too complicated, yet it also sounds a bit retro.

They are both extremely short, 1:30 a piece, but they represent in both cases what the tracks are about.

thanks in advance;

i appreciate any type of advice.

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