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Old 2011-01-17, 18:58
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Which Refills / Sample Packs do you recommend for...

Hello and yes, i had a similar topic in the past in which i asked which refills are best suited for the creation of electro and i did receive alot of interesting tips, but fairly none of those hold the sounds that i eventually decided to need.

Basically every track this guy builds holds extremely awesome, yet popular sounding synths and i simply don`t have a clue where to find them, or to create them. As i am no sound-engineer, nor do i have the desire to become one, i simply would like to instantly use presets which sound similar to the sounds used by this producer in basically every climax.

The following guyz uses alot of funk sounds as well in between his dirty electro sounds.


Currently i`ve got Lucky Date`s triple refill pack in my possession as well as the extremely large and remarkable SB-01 refill, though, it might be me, it might be the lack of sound-engineering skill (with regards to correct filter usage), or perhaps that i have missed the specific sound already present in either of these 2 refills, but i simply can`t find most of these sounds, especially the sounds used by Zedd.

I`ve contacted him and he mentioned being a cubase producer, logically using alot of VSTi. I want to stay and produce with Reason and ONLY Reason. I love this program, so i simply can`t see myself using anything other than Reason.

Considering that maybe the Nucleus SoundLab Viral Outbreak refill holds the sounds i need, but despite the sounds playable on the shopwebsite sound great, these aren`t the ones i`m looking for, and i don`t want to guess-buy a refill and concluding that it isn`t what im hoping for.

So which refill must i freely download, buy ? Preferrably a refill, but otherwise a sample pack, of which you KNOW, holds most, if not all, of these type of sounds i need. Again, i`m mostly in need of the various type of sounds ZEDD uses. It almost sounds more like trance-ish, than it does electro, but than again i`m new to the Electro genre. I`ve spent the last decade creating industrial darkcore with some vague notions of melodies, but it`s mostly just intelligent noize


Thanks in advance, i`m looking forward the replies!

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