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Old 2011-02-03, 00:30
gilbertowilson3 gilbertowilson3 is offline
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FX/Aux, Headphone Mix Channels and Busing

The SSL like console is a pleasure to work with but it is missing some major compliments found in other products.

1. Buses... right now all channels are hard-coded to bus to the master channel... what if I wanted to take all of my vocals and bus them to an aux/fx channel and insert one instance of my inserts in-lieu of loading inserts on every channel. I am aware of the work-around, but really... who wants to add more time to a session to accomplish something other products do

2. Headphone mixes... this is related to suggestion number one. The mixer offers a control room out but here also the input is hard-coded to the main mix. What if the vocalist wanted to hear only the snare and the bass-line... I should be able to bus those channels to the control room out(s) (since the hardware interface offers 64 outs which i could then route to a headphone amp). I am aware that the solo feature could solve this problem, but again who wants to waste time hunting down channels to solo when I could have pre-routed this via a template.

3. Lastly, different types of channels, right now you can only select between voice and instrument... other programs allow FX/AUX, Group, and even additional Master channels.

To conclude, the mixer is fantastic but it needs just a little bit more. I despise Avid and I am looking for a reason to dump them and not look back... make it happen for me dudes!

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