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Custom envelope generator

Hi guys, something I've realized I want Reason to be able to do is to have a device where I can draw out my own envelope curve, with attack, decay, sustain and the like. Something like the Matrix Pattern Sequencer but that is more played alongside whatever synth I want to use rather than programmed, and doesn't have to adhere by the steps like the Matrix; so if I want a wacky envelope to use with my wacky Thor patch I can draw it out and plug it in and route Thor to use that instead of the internal envelopes.

But I want it to do more than just that, too. I've created a mockup that is basically exactly what I want - in this case a picture is probably worth more than 2,000 words (my apologies but the image can't be posted here as its dimensions are larger than allowed) - please check it out here if you've got the time, spent a while on it and it'd be great to see if anyone agrees that it'd be a nice step up from the Matrix or using curve clips in the sequencer when you really just want to play something:

Effectively it does what I described above in addition to being able to use the envelope to modulate external CVs, and being able to morph the active envelope between other envelopes in memory. It's a lot like how the NN-XT plays samples, except it's playing the curve you've created. Additionally there would be a CV input to manually control the position of the playhead for the active envelope (I say "active envelope" as meaning the envelope currently selected to display on the screen, because all 4 of the envelopes within its memory would be able to be played simultaneously as they all have separate gates).

Hope linking offsite isn't against the rules - I don't get advertising cash or anything from it, and would definitely encourage you to come back and reply here, anyway, if you have input, as that's primarily an art site.

So yeah, it's like the Matrix, except it's smoother and more 'musical' (even if it doesn't make its own sounds), and has more opportunity for obscure happy accidents and creativity. I think it would really lend a lot of fun and re-discovery with the other synths in addition to ridding some of the clumsiness that CVs can sometimes be. I'm sure the Props could find even more interesting things to put into it, too (come to think of it I think the Matrix should just be combined with something like this since they are two sides of a similar coin).

Anyway, thanks for your time! And of course, thank you Props for your yummy programs.

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