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Old 2011-02-13, 15:09
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ECAT-D Tape Delay and XF Crossfader device mockups

Uploaded with

Who wants new rack modules? Yeah, we all do!

Like many others, I'm a bit fed up with the DDL-1 delay (or more usually, 2 DDL-1 delays), and using dual Thor's and, worse, - much worse - Kong, for just analogue style delays is often excessive. The solution.... ECAT-D.

A proper 4-head analogue tape emulation, with an ADSR envelope allowing you to shape the delay a la the ECF module, we would finally have a stereo delay with independent time (with tempo sync), feedback and pan). Wobble is brought over from Kong's Tape Delay, and we have a Dry/Wet, of course.

Update: 4 heads are independently switchable, and the Tape Delay (H1 Sync) Button would sync H2-4 with H1. Tape speed with forward/reverse switching. Also added in the filter and mod sections, plus a idea for modelling the tape sound on various famous units. (I'd have added ReVox too if I'd remembered the name while I was doing the pic ...)

And as an added bonus Props would have no "lack of MIDI numbers" excuses and it would all be automatable!

Secondly, a half-rack Crossfader programmers of Props quality could probably knock up in an afternoon. Two stereo ins and a stereo out, and the ability to switch between Equal Power and Linear Power x-fades.

Vintage Keyboard & Guitar ReFills for Reason

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