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Old 2011-02-13, 21:15
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Text Clips - Didn't find it suggested in this way

I'd love it if I was able to write notes in dedicated(or not) text clips so that I could do things like note down lyric ideas meant for a particular song file, for instance. Another use would be to mark down alternate arrangements or instruments I'd like to try out. Right now I'm working on a series of song files meant for teaching and have to use this method you're seeing here to do it. There could also be aggregated clips combining longer text in a way where you could "switch views" of the clip between text and MIDI while still being able to contain both at the same time.

Oh wouldn't this be nice (minus the typos)

Also: resizing the clip would change the orientation of the text so that it would flow with the length of the clip. Maybe if you made the clip smaller it would just flow out of field like it does now rather than resize the height--which I think would be a pain since you could end up with very tall sequencer tracks.

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