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Standalone Envelope device.

I think a top of the line stand-alone envelope-designing device would suite reason very well. Perhaps one which even had LFO's aswell. Some devices in reason like the kong-drum machine don't have any envelopes that can be routed internally, to it's own parameters. If users want to use an envelope or LFO as CV for some of the parameters for kong, then one is forced into loading another device which has an envelope or lfo or whatever you're looking for. Usually peope will choose between one of the three synths (thor, malstrøm or subtractor), then we need to route their env-out or LFO-out CV's to one of the combinators cv-inputs and then choose which parameters to control from the combinator. Although that part with the combinator is a little tedious, i suppose it's allright and the way reason is build up i suppose it makes sense. However it would make insanely good sense to include a standalone envelope/LFO-device from which you could route out cv to the combinator or some other device. I know that this is more or less the same as just creating a synth only to use it for it's envelopes and LFO's, however i want the standalone envelope device to include even more customizability then the envelopes on the synth devices does. Like do i want a linear envelope or an exponential one?? I'm not sure but i believe that at this time all envelopes within reason are linear, and to make an exponential kind of envelope one would have to think of some creative way of doing so. Like if thor uses an envelope to modulate some parameter, then one could route that same envelope to the combinator and from there set it to modulate the amount by which it modulates this other parameter, thus creating an exponential kind of envelope. However that's a quite tiring routing process to go through everytime one needs an exponential envelope and it seems a bit silly really. It seems even more silly to load a full syntheseizer-device only to use it for it's envelopes and LFO's, kind of wastefull with regards to the cpu and ram. A seperate envelope-designing-device would be a lot less intensive on the cpu and it would spare users from some boring routing, and it would make it a lot simpler and straight on to accomplish a variety of different things.

Kind Regards Mortenrob.

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