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Old 2011-02-22, 09:30
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Lightbulb Rant - Or things I think is missing in Thor

eXode's Thor rant
I understand that most of the subjects I'll bring up is on the smaller scale and not giant feature requests. Still these are things that I think should have made it into Thor in the first place. And to props, if you read this please concider it for a future synth (if you choose to do one).

Master Pitch: This is the strangest omission of all features in Thor. The ability to do simple vibrato by affecting all three oscillators at once with just one destination. Keep the individual pitch destinations too though.

Multi Oscillator: I'm sorry but I can't really see the usefulness of the rounded square and rounded pulse waveforms. I would have preferred to see a "regular" 35% pulse and a 15 % pulse instead of those two rounded waveforms. Why did props make the decision of including rounded square and pulse over regular pulse variants? I doubt I'll ever know why.

Analog Osc A: Just like the LFO's I would have loved to see all the waveforms of the Analog Osc available simultaneously, at least from the modmatrix (as sources). Also inspired by modular world. Imagine being able to output a sawtooth wave as audio but using the sinewave output of the same oscillator for FM duties.

Analog Osc B: A second analog style oscillator with waveshaping capabilities like that found on Moog Voyager, Moog Little Phatty and the french synth PolyKOBOL. It shapes smoothly from triangle to saw to square and finally on to a pulse. Great stuff!

LFO: I think both LFO's should have been selectable between mono/poly instead of how it is now. Also I would have liked the LFO's being like on the Alesis ION/MICRON. That is, you have access to all LFO waveforms simultaneously (as sources) from the modmatrix. Like a modular almost.

Envelopes: The Global Env should also have been selectable between mono/poly as well as Filter 3. Also the Mod Env should have had a sustain stage! All the envelopes should have had switching between linear and logarithmic response curves and finally all the envelopes should have had a "free run" switch.

Modulation Sources: I would have loved different modulation sources to choose from in the modmatrix. Stuff like white and pink noise, a slow random "drift" source as well as a "rotating" key source for use with i.e. pan so that each key you press takes a new direction in the stereo field. The white and pink noise would be great for having noise accessible without having to sacrifice an oscillator slot or a LFO.

Shaper: I'm a bit annoyed with the choice to put the Shaper between the filters. I would have loved to have more freedom to place the shaper before Filter 1 or after Filter 2, etc. Best would have been two individual shapers that you could choose to place either before or after Filter 1 & 2 respectively.

Mixers and panning: I would have loved individual pan on Filter 1 & 2. It would have been so easy to make a cool stereo patch without having to resort to the modmatrix and the stereo trick that we now have to use. On the subject of the mixers I would have preferred individual levels for all three oscillators and not this strange balance thing between 1 and 2 and then the two faders. I also think that there should have been a balance crossfader or individual faders on the Filter 1 & 2 outputs situated in the amp section (or right before it).

Filter: Like I've said before I would have loved a multimode filter with LP, HP, BP, Notch modes in 1, 2, 3 and 4 poles. Also I would have loved to see the modular approach on the filters with all pole/state outputs available simultaneously from the mod matrix. This together with possible negative outputs would enable the user to create 'new' filter modes (a'la Oberheim Xpander).

More filter models for Thor: I would like to see loads of new filter models for Thor. The Alesis ION and MICRON and also the Akai MINIAK all have some great filters modelled after vintage stars. I'm removing the ones already present on Thor and adding other ones not featured on the ION/MICRON/MINIAK but that I'd love to see:

ARP - Modelled after the Odyssey and/or the 2600's filter.
JP8 - Modelled after the Roland Jupiter 8.
TB3 - Modelled after the 4 pole diode ladder filter found in the tb303.
OBXP - Modelled after the Xpander. 15 different filter modes.
CS80 - Modelled after the Yamaha CS-80, 12dB HP and 12dB LP in series with individual cutoff and res.
MS20 - Modelled after the Korg MS-20, 6dB HP and 12dB LP in series with individual cutoff and res.
LPG - Modelled after the Don Buchlas Low Pass Gate. A vactrol based filter.

Unison: I understand that the Multi Oscillator was a way to try and compensate for the lack of unison but I would have preferred a polyphonic unison mode over the Multi Oscillator any day of the year. Also I've mentioned this many times before but a unison section that is similar to that found on the Korg Mono/Poly software would have been great. I can't even imagine how cool it would sound with the Wavetable or FM oscillators stacked in 8 voices and with 8 voices of polyphony, detuned and spread in the stereo field.

Chorus: The chorus should not have been faux stereo like it is know. Bad, bad props!

Like I wrote in the beginning, these are features that I think should have been in Thor from the start but due to compatibility reasons I doubt I'll ever see in a Thor update. My hope is that props seriously concider some of these features IF they decide to design another va softsynth for Reason in the future (call me, I'll be your advisor! ). Also I apologize for the length of this rant and thanks if you could be arsed reading this far.

Cheers! =)

Last edited by eXode; 2011-11-10 at 12:50. Reason: some text was merged from another thread to keep it all in one place

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